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Bundle #1 – The Entertainer: 24 Oz. Seasoned Crunchies, 24 Oz. Salted Redskins, Nibble Mix, Cashew butter, CyndiÕs Green Chili, complementary Depth Charge, Pleasant Living, Menu & Brochure $50.00 

Bundle #2 Good Times: 24 Oz. Seasoned Crunchies, Nibble Mix, Cashew butter, Chocolate syrup, 5 Oz. K-A Table, 5 Oz. Tri-Tip, Eastern NC Sauce, Shindig Sauce, complementary Depth Charge, Pleasant Living, Menu & Brochure $65.00  

Bundle #3 – Bubba Special: 24 Oz. Seasoned Crunchies, Nibble Mix, 5 Oz. K-A Table, 5 Oz. Tri-Tip, Eastern NC Sauce, Shindig Sauce, complementary Depth Charge, 12 Oz. Bloody Mary Concentrate, Petite Ham, Pleasant Living, Menu & Brochure $100.00 

Bundle #4 – Holiday Fare: 2 Nibble Mix, Fresh Batch Jam – Strawberry Champagne, 5 Oz. K-A Table, 12 Oz. Bloody Mary Concentrate, Moka-Java Blend Coffee, Petite ham, 12 Oz. ham slices, complementary Depth Charge, Pleasant Living, Menu & Brochure $120.00 

Bundle #5 – The Andrew: 24 Oz. Seasoned Crunchies, Nibble Mix, Cashew Butter, Chocolate Syrup, Sourwood honey, CyndiÕs Strawberry Habanero, Fresh Batch Jam – Strawberry Champagne, 2# Tri-Tip Rubb, 5 Oz. Kelp, 12 Oz. Bloody Mary Concentrate, complementary Depth Charge, ½# Costa Rica, ½# Moka-Java, 12 Oz. EdwardÕs ham slices, 2 coffee mugs, Pleasant Living, Menu & Brochure $150.00 

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Freshly Roasted Virginia Peanuts

Roasted in tallow – better for us than Veg. fats when heated

Seasoned Crunchies – 10 Oz.


Crunchies are blistered by soaking briefly in water before

Seasoned Crunchies – 24 Oz.


roasting causing them to blister and become crunchy

Seasoned Redskins – 10 Oz.


Redskins are roasted but not blistered

Seasoned Redskins – 24 Oz.


Lightly Salted Crunchies – 10 Oz.


Seasoned peanuts are dusted with our K-A Table spice blend

Lightly Salted Crunchies – 24 Oz.


Not really spicy – just well seasoned

Lightly Salted Redskins – 10 Oz.


Lightly Salted Redskins – 24 Oz.


Peanuts are packed in 10 Oz. (pint) tubs or 24 Oz. zip-bags

SDCS Nibble Mix – 12 Oz.


Savory, full-flavored and addictive party mix – Contains

assorted cereals, pretzels, rye crisps, cashews and pecans

Butters and Syrups

Cashew Butter – 8 Fl. Oz.


Almost Smooth – oven roasted cashews w/ honey and sea salt

Chocolate Syrup – 12 Oz.


Extra Brute – dark and rich

Banana-Rum Sauce – 8 Oz.


Caramelized – Baskets only – not yet approved for shipping

Sourwood Honey – 1 Lb.


Legendary VA honey from master beekeepers near Bassett

Cyndi's Pepper Jellies – 11 Oz. *


Made properly just across the river – no shortcuts

Fresh Batch Jams – 8 Oz. **


Homemade in small batches using the finest fresh fruits

AnnÕs Apple Butter – Pint



Cooked down in copper kettles – No Added Sugar

AnnÕs Apple Butter – Quart




Seasonings and Rubs 5 Oz. Shakers and 2 Lb. zip-bags

K-A Caribbean spice mix  – 5 Oz.


(Kick-Ass) Spicy Seasoning Blend with Ginger, Allspice, Etc.

K-A Caribbean spice mix – 2 Lb.


Developed for Kicken Chicken and used in many of our recipes

K-A Table Seasoning – 5 Oz.


K-A Balanced with salt & Kelp for table use in place of S&P

K-A Table Seasoning – 2 Lb.


Used on our peanuts, fries, eggs and as a general seasoning

Tri-Tip Rubb – 5 Oz.


Developed specifically for our Tri-Tip with coarse pepper and

Tri-Tip Rubb – 2 Lb.


Kosher Salt. Use as a general rub and for eggs, potatoes, Etc.

Beef Rubb – 5 Oz.  


Saltier than Tri-Tip rub – used for larger chunks of meat for

Beef Rubb – 2 Lb.       


overnight seasoning

Butt Rubb – 5 Oz.  


Used to rub our Righteous Ribs and Bodacious Butts. Also

Butt Rubb – 2 Lb.       


used as the basis of our sausage seasoning

Salmon Rubb – 5 Oz.  


Features dill, fennel and salt – traditional seasonings for smoked

Salmon Rubb – 2 Lb.       


salmon – we drizzle ours with molasses and rub overnight

Organic Kelp Powder – 5 Oz.


Natural flavor enhancer imparting Umami characteristics

Organic Kelp Powder – 2 Lb.


to any dish – replaces MSG naturally

Dan's Soon-To-Be-Famous Sunday Morning Wake-Up Juice Concentrate

Complementary Depth Charge



Mix into a 46 Oz. can of good (Sacramento) tomato juice

Additional Depth Charges – 2 Oz.


for instant Bloody Marys or use to season beef stew

Tub – 12 Oz.


Contains everything that you can't find on Sunday morning


Eastern NC Sauce – 10 Oz.


Vinegar based with molasses, salt and peppers

Shindig BBQ Sauce  – 16 Oz.


Tomato based and full flavored

Brisket Sauce – 16 Oz.


Light Tomato based on Coopers of Llano TX

Coffee 1 Lb. Whole beans Ground (reluctantly) upon request Green beans 1/2 roasted price

South American Blend


A blend of light and dark roasts of S.A. coffees

Colombia Huillo Supremo


Coffees can also be ordered by the half-pound

Costa Rica SHB Tarrazu


Salvador Santa Rita Natural



Moka-Java Blend



Ethiopian Longberry Harrar


Papua New Guinea


Guatemalan SHB MC Decaf


Edwards Petite Country Hams


Pre-cooked  2-3# – Perfect for Holiday dinners

Edwards country ham – 36 Oz.


Raw center-cut slices for frying

Edwards country ham – 12 Oz.


Raw center-cut slices for frying


Coffee mugs


Coffee Mug with 4 Oz. Coffee


South American or choose from list

Wine Glasses




Larry Chowning's new book – signed

American Sandwich Book


by Becky Mercuri with THE Virginia Sandwich created by SDCS

SDCS menu & intro



Pleasant Living magazine




Sub Total


Postage Small Flat Rate


Postage – Medium Flat Rate box


Postage – Large Flat Rate box






* CyndiÕs Jellies: Mild – Roasted Poblano, Red Jalapeno; Hot – Raspberry Habanero, Strawberry Habanero, Mango Habanero, and Garlic Habanero; Very Hot – Red Habanero
       Serving hint: Serve on a block of cream cheese with crackers

** Fresh Batch Jams: Strawberry Champagne, Aloha, Blueberry Lime, Triple Berry and Pomegranate

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